Sketchbook Friday: This Fella…

 Sorry folks, warming up to actually populating  the new digs with things. I’ll likely be starting blogly strands that peter out. Hopefully Sketchbook Friday won’t, though. It’s a sketchbook entry. Posted on a Friday. Should be easier to maintain than Spanish Limerick Tuesdays. 
Anyway. This is an older drawing, that I’m thinking of possibly making prints or RedBubbling it for no reason other than it makes me laugh :)

The Dark Web — What Am It?


As someone who works in the technology sector, I’m often asked by friends and family to explain something about that world that they’ve seen in the news, or had whispered in their ear by someone they couldn’t completely see. Recently, much has been said about ‘The Dark Web’ (also called the ‘Deep Web’, the ‘Hidden…

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