onefivesevenone – Episode 3 – Your Back Teeth

Episode 3 of stuff out of the world’s most benighted voicemail inbox. It’s 6 weird minutes I can’t guarantee you’ll ever really recover from…

Written and performed by me , Simon Meddings, Harry Medium, Marty Perrett, Dave Probert and Ian Todd, and produced by me with help from a crying towel.

PS – all the music I made for the series is here on the Sound Cloud for free!

The Dusty Vikings Pretend Underwater Hospital Radio Show

…Or plain old Dusty Vikings if you relish brevity.

I decided that what with 18,000 other podcasts with me in or me editing, what’s one more? Eh? Eh? Thought so.

Anyway, no sketches, no characters, just me talking to people and playing records. This first one is with the legend that is Jim Moon from the peerless Hypnobobs.

Oh, and it’s on Mixcloud because I can play records and the artists get paid.

Hope you enjoy :) Listen below.

Dusty Vikings – Ep 1 – Jim Moon by Dannydavies23 on Mixcloud

Narration: ‘Kitsune’ by Den Patrick – Dark Fiction Magazine

Art: Shock the Badger –

Them fine fine folks over at Dark Fiction Magazine invited me back over to narrate Den Patrick‘s fantastic, Japanese-folklore-infused short story ‘Kitsune’. I didn’t even buy them a Christmas card this year or anything. Now that’s friendship for you.

Go grab a listen at and (aurally) witness me mangle the beautiful Japanese language with my idiot Somerset tongue…


Birdyphone! Still in search of a format!!


COMEDY! The Bearcast: Series 4 – Episode 4!

By Bearcast

After a terrible DIY mixup, Nape gets trapped in the cellar but he isn’t alone down there…

Jeb, comfortable in the back room of Wessex Pub of the Year, The Red Lion, has to drink Napes share of the drinks.

Tunes in this ep come from:

Autopilot Club – More Than I Can Get

Socionic – Ignorant Idiot

Warning: May contain traces of Badger.


Download – or click on the graphic up there.

Via: The Bearcast

Devised and performed by Marty Perrett and me, with Mr Blane William Traynor on the Scottishness, and Dave Probert and Gillian Coyle. Produced and created by Mr Marty Perrett – buy the man a flipping pint, yeah?!

Office Wankshaft is in yr lunches

WARNING: Keep an eye on your packed lunch when Office Wankshaft’s in…

Time to S**t Or Get Off the Parky

It’s in the nature of blogs, I suppose, being published on the whim of their owners rather than for the benefit of a real audience, that they become a way of expressing hyper-sincere views on topics maybe a handful actually care about. So, that said, I am going to do just that right now.

Today, I took a sharp breath, and decided to kill my own sketch show.

There will be two more episodes of A Disappointment, and then no more ever again.

To be honest, I think The Fates have conspired against Series Two for a while. Every time I freed up some time to record, something from the real world would rush in and fill that gap.  Managed one episode after an eighteen month gap, promised a further five, and… Well that episode was last July.

It’s never been for the want of ideas. I was positively shitting ideas out at one stage. But it was born in days when I could, and would, piss 3 hours away producing a 45 second snatch of comedy drum and bass, or the sound of Parky lobbing Bovril at a ghost. There simply isn’t time to do that anymore.

Then, last night, I caught an episode of a new BBC2 show ‘It’s Kevin’. And it was what I have been trying to do, being done on TV, mostly way better. So anyone coming to A Disappointment new may well think I’d been on the rob. And who could blame them? Who would you believe – a genuine legend of modern comedy, with an established career, or some wannabe twat from St Ives? I’m hugely glad that show is being made, it’s silly and pure and funny in a way that anything Jack Whitehall has ever touched just isn’t. But it’s clear that, if I was ever destined to do that myself, I missed my chance.

So. Start afresh. Do myself a favour and do something new.

But there is business to conclude. Seagull has an end point, that must be reached, I owe him that. Then there is smashing the whole thing up, like Nirvana wrecked their gear at the end of a set to get out of playing encores. If you’re going to end something, leave a mess.

Anyway. Two more episodes. Then no more.

Thanks, if you came along, for coming along. It’s led to friendships I hold very, very dearly. I will thank people properly in time, and believe me, they deserve that and more.

Now. Back to the shitty cartoons. Sorry for the lapse into self-importance. I did warn you though…


The Twilight Zone Podcast Special: The Chaser


I owe Tom Elliot a lot. His (and Matt Dray’s) much-missed ‘Gentlemen’s Grindhouse’ horror podcast was instrumental in getting me into podcasting. He hooked me up with the GeekPlanetOnline crew, which led to ‘A Disappointment’ finding a proper home, a slew of other projects, and (best of all) friendships that span cities and continents.

So, all round, a bit of a legend. Who I owe pints. Many pints…

In the meantime, before I get to make good on that debt, I was honoured to be asked to take part in his current venture – The Twilight Zone Podcast. Specifically to contribute a reading of John Collier’s short story ‘The Chaser’, the inspiration behind the Season One episode of the same name.

It’s a delightfully wicked little piece and I hope I’ve done it justice.

Have a listen to it at


Office Wankshaft does a lot of work for charity…

If you fancy doing something in less of a bullying vein, then please chuck a few quid at


My Hellraiser Remake Concept Art

Although I don't like to talk about it much, I am much prized in “Hollywodd” for my pro-style art chops. Any thing good in a film that you have seen, I expect I probably came up with that. All of 'Battlefield Earth', 'Batman and Robin', or Woody Allen's visionary 'Melinda and Melinda' were sourced from my very own dream droppings.
So its only natural that one of them old films that's too old now to be any good gets redone proper, like, all modern and that, on a computer, “Holywood” turns to me.
And while I don't like to blow my own trumpeter, I am a genius.
Below are two pieces of work for the upcoming and entirely necessary remake of Clive Barker's 'Hellraiser 1: Revenge of The Destiny'.
I was paid £45 by the Weinsteins. Plus they bought me an ice cream.
Look upon my visions and weep.