Sketchbook Sunday Will Tear Your Soul Apart…

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Probably due to this week’s news of an incoming 10th instalment in the Hellraiser franchise, and not for the first time, I’ve been drawing from Clive Barker’s peerless original. 

I really can’t convey enough how deeply this series wormed its way into my imagination. It’s probably stating the obvious but there’s something of Barker’s in all my artwork. 

So, one watercolour and one digital sketch in tribute to the last iconic horror series. 

Sketchbook ***day – Hammeresque

Art, Horror, Sketchbook

Sorry. Really having trouble keeping to a regular schedule with these posts. Life-shaped things intervene…

For this week’s Sketchbook post I thought I’d share this. It’s an oil pastel sketch from late last year, which ended up in a rather Hammer Glamour kind of vein, as she reminds me a bit of Valerie Leon.

I have since bought, a beautiful travel set of Sennelier oil pastels, which are quite wonderful, but this was drawn with the remains of a 10 year old set I bought for about £3. They live together, without their wrappers, in a plastic bag, rubbing together and developing a common grey-brown crud coating. Exactly the opposite of how you are supposed to care for them, in fact. Cheap oil pastels are practically just crayons, most of the time. Don’t blend for shitty toffee. Not sure if something in this set has decomposed in 10 years, though, as they work a dream. ‘Vivid butter’ is how I think I described them recently. 

Oil pastels were also the bridge between me drawing almost exclusively, and the Intimidating World of Actual Painting Like Artists Do.  Think I’ll always go back to them, and their fat cousin the Oilbar. Such a lovely mess…

Sketchbook Sunday – Jack-in-the-Green

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Hello. How’s your 2016 been? Yeah, mine sucked too. That’s January for you- 31 Monday’s in a row…

Anyway, it’s been a while since I last posted, but art has been happening and I thought I’d share this chap with you all. Was actually challenged to depict The Green Man ages ago by an old friend and fantastic artist, Mr Dan Goodfellow. This is attempt number two – the first being a sketch in oils (much I impasto, and maybe too much noise to signal).

I don’t know the science of it, but watercolour made it good.

Cover Art: ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ by George Griffith

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The utterly lovely folks at Spokenworld Audio recently asked me to provide a wee bit of cover art for a fantastic new release of theirs. ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ is a true slice of Steampunk,  written by George Griffith at the turn of the 20th Century and first published in serial story form by Pearson’s Magazine. A ripping yarn of spacefaring, read by the wonderful Dudley Sutton (Tinker from TV’s Lovejoy, no less!)
 Bit of a challenge here, for me, as I seem to have carved myself a niche in the visceral and horrific, and tend not to draw things that aren’t in some way organic. However the brief here was ‘nebulous and cloudy’ as per a prior piece. So, lots of weird clouds, and light effects. Much fun!  

And here’s the finished item! You can grab the full 4 hours plus for £4.99 (and there’s 10% off if you order before Jan 1st 2016 with discount code HELPINGHAND2015)! Get and have a look round – loads of sound treats to pick from:)

Huge thanks to the wonderful Neil Gardner for bringing me in on such a fantastic project!

PS: Here’s a previous attempt, foolishly drawn from memory, and hastily corrected when I re-read the description of the Astronef. Inaccurate, but I still like it 😀



#Inktober 2015 – Highlights So Far…

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Or “Lazy Bugger rehashes Instagram posts”. Inktober is quite special to me, in that the 2014 iteration of it was where I started to take the art thing a little more seriously. Last year was very much cartooning, this year… We’ve gone for wafty, scary, g(h)as(t)-like things. And am totally cheating by using watercolours as well. Yeah… look impressed. Some stuff will be available as prints, once I get my unruly arse in gear on that front.

Anyway. More after the end of the month 🙂 Do give us a follow on IG @thedannydavies

Sketchbook Sunday – Accidental Orson Welles (with Suspect Literature)

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a) Have moved Sketchbook <Day> to Sunday – my gaff, my rules, yeah? 

b) That said I’ve not posted for ages. Sorry. I have turned 40 in the interim. Much weeping. 

One of the things that annoys me is how likenesses only happen in my artwork by accident. When I try, I end up recasting The Bride of Frankenstein as Judy Garland. Actually quite cool, but not what I wanted. So imagine my surprise, one bus journey into work, when the great Orson Welles appeared out of random set of features I was doodling. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am in no way suggesting that the great Mr Welles had a fondness for duck-based pornography. But ducks are frequently naked…