Cover Art: ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ by George Griffith


The utterly lovely folks at Spokenworld Audio recently asked me to provide a wee bit of cover art for a fantastic new release of theirs. ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ is a true slice of Steampunk,  written by George Griffith at the turn of the 20th Century and first published in serial story form by Pearson’s…

#Inktober 2015 – Highlights So Far…


Or “Lazy Bugger rehashes Instagram posts”. Inktober is quite special to me, in that the 2014 iteration of it was where I started to take the art thing a little more seriously. Last year was very much cartooning, this year… We’ve gone for wafty, scary, g(h)as(t)-like things. And am totally cheating by using watercolours as…

Sketchbook Sunday – W. S. Burroughs (by way of Q. Blake)


I’ve been trying to draw much looser lately. Rather like I just left lines on the page and let them arrange themselves in to some shape or other. Much easier than drawing…

Here be what turned out to be a portrait of the legendary William S. Burroughs in said style. 

Fun :)

Sketchbook Sunday – Accidental Orson Welles (with Suspect Literature)



a) Have moved Sketchbook <Day> to Sunday – my gaff, my rules, yeah? 

b) That said I’ve not posted for ages. Sorry. I have turned 40 in the interim. Much weeping. 

One of the things that annoys me is how likenesses only happen in my artwork by accident. When I try, I end up recasting The Bride of Frankenstein as Judy Garland. Actually quite cool, but not what I wanted. So imagine my surprise, one bus journey into work, when the great Orson Welles appeared out of random set of features I was doodling. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am in no way suggesting that the great Mr Welles had a fondness for duck-based pornography. But ducks are frequently naked… 

Sketchbook Friday: Possibly Vampire Bod

Ahead of the UK May Bank Holiday, more graphitey oddness from one of my sketchbooks. I didn’t intend to draw an Undead Bod, but that’s what happened, and who am I to argue? 

Sketchbook Friday: This Fella…

 Sorry folks, warming up to actually populating  the new digs with things. I’ll likely be starting blogly strands that peter out. Hopefully Sketchbook Friday won’t, though. It’s a sketchbook entry. Posted on a Friday. Should be easier to maintain than Spanish Limerick Tuesdays. 
Anyway. This is an older drawing, that I’m thinking of possibly making prints or RedBubbling it for no reason other than it makes me laugh :)

The Dark Web — What Am It?


As someone who works in the technology sector, I’m often asked by friends and family to explain something about that world that they’ve seen in the news, or had whispered in their ear by someone they couldn’t completely see. Recently, much has been said about ‘The Dark Web’ (also called the ‘Deep Web’, the ‘Hidden…