Cover Art: 'Stories of Other Worlds' by George Griffith

Cover Art: ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ by George Griffith

The utterly lovely folks at Spokenworld Audio recently asked me to provide a wee bit of cover art for a fantastic new release of theirs. ‘Stories of Other Worlds’ is a true slice of Steampunk,  written by George Griffith at the turn of the 20th Century and first published in serial story form by Pearson’s Magazine. A ripping yarn of spacefaring, read by the wonderful Dudley Sutton (Tinker from TV’s Lovejoy, no less!)
 Bit of a challenge here, for me, as I seem to have carved myself a niche in the visceral and horrific, and tend not to draw things that aren’t in some way organic. However the brief here was ‘nebulous and cloudy’ as per a prior piece. So, lots of weird clouds, and light effects. Much fun!  

And here’s the finished item! You can grab the full 4 hours plus for £4.99 (and there’s 10% off if you order before Jan 1st 2016 with discount code HELPINGHAND2015)! Get and have a look round – loads of sound treats to pick from:)

Huge thanks to the wonderful Neil Gardner for bringing me in on such a fantastic project!

PS: Here’s a previous attempt, foolishly drawn from memory, and hastily corrected when I re-read the description of the Astronef. Inaccurate, but I still like it 😀