I was born in 1975, in Bristol, England. I think I’ve been drawing on and off all this time, but only recall wanting to do this seriously when I discovered American comic books. John Byrne and Alan Davis are two key early inspirations, but perhaps the deepest formative influence is the work of Bill Sienkiewicz – the dynamism of comic book art, refracted through a painterly, chaotic lens.

Another early mark on my imagination came after, for some reason, being allowed to see the classic Ridley Scott film ‘Alien’ as a 6 or 7 year old. As well as being utterly terrified, a taste for the unearthly, the uncanny and the outright discomfiting was formed. Giger’s creature seemed, to me (perhaps naively), so genuinely alien as to be almost undrawable. Plainly nonsense, but I think I aspire as an adult to a similarly disturbing ineffability to my work. 

As well as visual art, I play bass in The Raudive (a post-punk band) and have produced / performed / written comedy podcast series including A Disappointment, Soldiers of Tangent and onefivesevenone.

I live with my wife and two daughters in Cambridgeshire.